CNC Machinery

At Allied International UK Ltd we understand that flexibility and speed is critical to cost-effective production. Our investment in our people and our commitment to ensure that we utilise the most advanced technology, enables us to provide a quick and cost effective service. This allows us to meet the demanding specifications and schedules required by our customers.

1 XYZ Proturn SLX 555 LATHE 550mm 800mm
1 XYZ Proturn 350 LATHE 400mm 700mm
1 Hardinge Cobra 65 LATHE 356mm 600mm
1 Hitachi Seiki 4NE 600 LATHE 356mm 400mm
1 Colchester Mastiff LATHE 356mm 1980mm
1 XYZ Pro 3000 Mill MILL X= 1041mm



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