Allied International Group

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL SRL was founded in 2000 in Nibbiano Val Tidone (Piacenza, Italy) by two well known business managers in the buttwelding fittings sector, Valter Alberici and Marc Herzstein, the latter the owner of ALLIED FITTING L.P.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL SRL became the leading company of ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP in 2001, with the mission to develop and penetrate all the markets out from the Americas already served by ALLIED FITTING L.P.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP produces and markets fittings, pipes and flanges for oil installations, gas pipelines, shipyards, chemical and nuclear installations and, through its production capacity and stock of 50,000 items ready for shipping, can satisfy any demand. It is qualified for class 1 nuclear sector production with TECTUBI RACCORDI.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP, which employs 844 people in 6 offices and 13 facilities (7 factories in Italy, 3 in UK and 1 in China, 2 warehouses in Italy, 3 in UK and 1 in Kazakhstan), has 15 branches across Europe, the Middle & Far East, Africa and Australia, and has formed close relationships with leading engineering companies and been involved in major projects worldwide.

A strong market image backed up by genuine trust has enabled very rapid growth in all areas of the world.

Allied Group Mission & Strategy

Become a one-stop solution partner in the worldwide industry of fittings and related products, responding to all the market needs and building customer confidence by supplying high-quality products and services, aiming at continuous improvement.
Deliver all products in accordance with the best manufacturing and distributing practices and QA/QC procedures.

Vision and Values
We want to be recognized and appreciated for our ability to understand and satisfy our customers by supplying excellent products and services with efficiency, honesty and transparency.
Respect for our shareholders and employees, for their health and safety, for the health and safety of the environment and an active presence in community life in accordance with the principles of sustainable development make up the range of our main values.

Complete control of the supply chain (raw material procurement-production-distribution) so as to offer the best service to the customer in terms of product quality and reliability, prompt stock availability, project management, custom products, certifications and related requirements.
Constant investments in: equipment, technology, human resources, organization, communication & marketing, health & safety, so as to constantly improve our skills, technology and performance.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP is committed to investing considerable resources in people, customer care, technologies, health and safety, marketing and communication.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL GROUP, with its head office in Nibbiano Val Tidone, Piacenza, Italy, comprises of 6 main Companies as follows:

CompanyActivityLocations & facilitiesProducts
allied-international Distribution & Stock Facilities:
  • head offices in Nibbiano VT
  • new warehouse in Castel San Giovanni
  • warehouse in Nibbiano VT
  • total area 113,000 sqm (covered 28,000 sqm, open 85,000 sqm)

Elbows ½" ÷ 120"
Tees ½" ÷ 120"
Pipes½" ÷ 120"
Caps/red. ½" ÷ 120"
Special fittings up to 120"Flanges
Special supplies

tecturi-raccordi Manufacturing Facilities:
  • head offices and factory in Podenzano
  • present and new factories in Castel San Giovanni
  • factory in Calendasco
  • total area 355,800 sqm (covered 61,800 sqm, open 294,000 sqm)

Elbows up to 120"
Tees up to 120"
Reducers up to 120"
Special fittings up to 120"

raccordi-forgiati Manufacturing Facilities:
  • factory in Nibbiano VT
  • total area 41,000 sqm (covered 13,000 sqm, open 28,000 sqm)

Elbows ½" ÷ 16"
Tees ½" ÷ 24"
Reducers ½" ÷ 36"
Caps/red. ½" ÷ 36"
Special fittings up to 36"

dmp Manufacturing Facilities:
  • head offices and factory in Carbonara
  • total area 50,000 sqm (covered 27,500 sqm, open 22,500 sqm)

Cold bending elbows 2"÷ 60"
Induction bending elbows 6"÷ 60"

gieminox Manufacturing Facilities:
  • head offices and factory in Schio
  • total area 30,000 sqm (covered 21,000 sqm, open 9,000 sqm)

Welded pipes in 4 production lines: thin wall, heavy wall, large diameters (over 28"), clad/lined

tecturi-raccordi-international Manufacturing Facilities:
  • head offices and factory in Tianjin (DEDA, China)
  • representative office in Beijing
  • total area 68,000 sqm (covered 35,000 sqm, open 33,000 sqm)

Chinese nuclear & power sectors


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